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My mom and dad retired to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when my dad retired from Dart Container Corp. in Mason, Michigan around 1999. They had actually bought their retirement home here a couple of years earlier. It was a new home on Wildflower Trail in the Fairview Lakes at Southcreek subdivision overlooking the 9th hole of the West Course of the Myrtle Beach National Golf Course. My parents had arranged a leaseback agreement for the builder to use the home as a model until they were actually planning to retire.

Although I’m sure my parents were looking forward to retirement, they actually ended up moving to Myrtle Beach about two years before their lease agreement was up with the builder of the model home, so they had to rent a condominium when they first hit the Beach. It all worked out, but my folks never came down without a plan.

In the years prior to their purchase of the model home, my parents came down and visited my aunt and uncle several times. But before each ‘visit’, they would call ahead and make arrangements with a realtor to take them around the Myrtle Beach area to look at their home buying options. They had already made the decision that they wanted to retire to the Myrtle Beach area. Both of them were avid golfers, both loved the beach, and they had ready-made best friends in my aunt and uncle!

The next time you plan to ‘visit’ the Myrtle Beach area knowing that you’ll also be looking at housing options call ahead. Whether you’re moving to the area for a job, retirement, or to start a new life, there’s no reason why you have to spend the whole time looking at homes. You can find a realtor through referrals from friends, relatives, or through websites like this one (see the menu above: About>Our Team).

When you call, you’ll want to tell the realtor what type of housing you’re interested in condo/townhouse, newly-built home, resale, single-family, apartment. You’ll also want to tell him/her a little bit about your lifestyle. Do you want to live on a golf course, close to the beach, near a marina, in a more historic area, or just where it’s quiet? Do you want to look at the beginning of your trip, so it’s out of the way, or do you want to do your relaxing first?

Whatever the case, by calling ahead, your realtor can schedule a day or two for you to just look at possible home options and then you can spend the rest of your trip remembering why you decided to move here in the first place! And dreaming about the days when you’ll call Myrtle Beach home! We hope to see you soon!

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